Friends of Circles UK

Who are our Friends?

There is growing appreciation of the role Circles of Support and Accountability (Circles) play in contributing directly to the reduction of sexual reoffending. However it is also Circles UK’s purpose to affect the quality of the debate in society and to ensure ‘more light than heat’ in discussions as to better managing those returning to our communities deemed most at risk of reoffending.

The Friends scheme is there for those who appreciate the work of Circles UK in developing the Circles service nationally, and who wish to see a much wider geographical provision than is possible with current resources. Through Friends speaking in their social and professional networks, many more people will be helped to see the safeguarding and child protection objectives of Circles, which lie behind the work with those who are most at risk of committing such dreadful harm.

By committing to regular financial support, Friends will also know they are making possible the planned development of yet more services, both in parts of the country not yet served, and also for specific sub-sets of ex-offenders such as teenagers who commit up to 30% of all sexual abuse, or the elderly leaving prison in their 70s or 80s with no family or friendship networks, and therefore dangerously isolated.

Lord Blair of Boughton, Simon Fanshawe and Esther Rantzen
Lord Blair of Boughton, Simon Fanshawe and Esther Rantzen

Keeping in touch with our ‘Friends’

Joining the ‘Friends of Circles UK’ by committing to a regular financial donation to the charity entitles you to:

  • email updates on our work, services and progress
  • a copy of the annual review with case studies and statistics around our work
  • invitations to ‘Friends’ events, lectures and discussions


Please do become a Friend of Circles UK; by doing so you will directly be contributing to protecting the most vulnerable in our communities and towards a more thoughtful and caring approach to society’s intractable challenge of how to reintegrate more safely those returning from prison to our streets with histories of such abuse.

Thank you for your interest in our much-needed work of better managing those who present the highest risk of inflicting the worst kind of abuse. Please do not hesitate to come back to us with any questions or indeed suggestions. We do intend to listen to our ‘Friends’!

To become a Friend of Circles UK, download a regular giving form.